Jawal - The Premium Virgin Wool Collection

"Jawal or Virgin" refers to wool that is derived from a sheep that has never been shorn before. The hair fibers that sheep produce coarsen as they age, so the wool derived from baby sheep is the softest type of wool that sheep produce. It is also known as New Wool. 

This ritual has been a part of Indian culture for many years. This is a traditional method in Hindu culture and there are many hidden contexts behind it and its importance. The Jawala ritual is a very important part of sheep baby's growing age and therefore there is a lot of thought and effort behind doing it and that ritual should be done very carefully.

Characteristics of Jawal Wool: 

  • Highly recommended for Pooja/Parayana (mentioned in Bhagwat Geeta/ Shree Gurucharitra/ Shree Satt Saicharitra)
  • Highly Durable
  • High Heat Retention
  • Resistance to Heat Transfer
  • Very useful in Extreme Climates
  • Highly Resistant to Flame - does not produce any toxic chemicals when it is burned.