Kolhapuri Pure Woolen Ghongadi

      Ghongadi is a cultural and spiritual inheritance of Maharashtra. It holds immense significance in the various religious activities like ‘Jagran Gondhal’ of the Maharashtrian community. The act of reading ‘Shree Dnyaneshwari’ and poems from Saint Tukaram’s collection are done by sitting on this woolen blanket. Ghongadi is considered auspicious while fixing marriages in rural areas as well as a seating arrangement for the guests visiting the villages.

      During paddy cultivation in the Konkan region, Ghongadi is used to cover the head like a protective shield against harsh rains. Our artisans have been for generations making Konkani Ghongadi out of traditional Konkan bands and delivering them to these people.

      Ghongadi is the ultimate remedy for back pain and joint-related problems. Sleeping on it helps you sleep sound, gives relief, and keeps you healthy. Even today, the working class, farmers, laborers, and peasants in the villages sleep on these woolen blankets.