Woolen Meditation and Pooja Asans

Meditate in comfort with the Ghongadi.com natural handwoven woolen meditation/Sadhana mat which keeps you energetic and warm. Sheep wool has a warmth that increases the heat along your spinal cord when you keep the spinal cord erect and meditate that in turn helps in Kundalini Chakra Jagran and moves energy from bottom to up towards the head.

The production of sheep wool is generally considered to have a minimal environmental impact. Since wool is derived from animal fibers, it is an inherently sustainable fabric, and wool is also highly biodegradable; it only remains in the environment for a few years before it is broken down.

The significance of Sheep Wool Ghongadi in spiritual practice, yoga, and meditation has been described by the saints from the Puranic times. Since Ghongadi regulates the body's energy and temperature, it gives immense satisfaction while sitting and meditating on the blanket. Ghongadi should be used to read religious manuscripts for concentration and inner peace.

Handwoven in Pure Wool Asanas are made with love for those who seek the gift of bliss. As per the shastras (sacred scriptures), there are three different variants of asanas: Vyaghra Jin/Charm, Mrug Jin/Charm, Sheep Wool Asans. The Asan/mat can be placed in your home or office and could well be rolled and carried while traveling. Gift one to yourself or your loved ones and gain the blessings of gratitude. 

As per the scriptures, sitting posture and comfort while sitting in one state over an extended period of time are as essential as the very intention of meditation. In fact, preparation to embark on your quest is as significant as your journey itself. Masters of Meditation recommend that the asana ideally should be of pure wool, as it retains the spiritual energy of the self over prolonged usage.

मृद्वासने कुशान् सम्यगास्तीर्याजिनमेव च ।
लम्बोदरं च सम्पूज्य फलमोदकभक्षणैः ॥
According to Svetasvatara Upanishad, seated in an easy posture, on Asana(mat) worshipping Ganapati with fruits and sweetmeats, placing the right palm on the left, holding the throat and head in the same line, the lips closed and firm, facing the east or the north, the eyes fixed on the tip of the nose, avoiding too much food or fasting, the Nâdis should be purified, without which the practice will be fruitless.