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The health benefits of sleeping on a Ghongadi blanket and Jen

Relief from back pain and low back pain. Lots of relief on rheumatism, arthritis, spondylosis, slipped disc. Helps to control blood circulation and high blood pressure. Insomnia and restful sleep are less likely to lead to sleep disorders and deep sleep throughout the night. Controls body temperature and reduces physical ailments related to heat. Relief from body aches after waking up in the morning. Suitable for successful completion of yoga, meditation, meeting and sadhana.

I used to feel body aches after waking up in the morning, the body aches stopped since I started sleeping on the blanket. I have found a very natural remedy for back pain.

- Mr. B. K Patil (Chief Engineer, Municipal Corporation, Pune)

Thank you to for providing excellent product quality and service. In time I got a blanket and Jen.

- Mr. Ra. C. Kulkarni (Kirloskar, Kolhapur)

मराठी कला आणि संस्कृती जिवंत ठेवत आहात. कौतुकास पात्र उपक्रम. 

सुबोध भावे

It was a pleasure to see the young engineer running the project and keeping the rural arts alive.

- Mr. N S Pandhare (Police Sub Inspector, Navi Mumbai)

श्री गुरुचरित्र, श्री गुरुलीलामृत, श्री गजानन विजय, श्री साईं सत्चरित्र तसेच अध्यात्मिक साधना आणि मंत्राचे अनुष्ठान करण्यासाठी घोंगडी चा लाभ होतो. श्री स्वामी समर्थ. 

- शेखर साने. चित्रकार. पुणे.

Ghongadi Festival - FC Road, Pune

Rare blanket exhibitions and sales, artist visits, sitting on the blanket and chatting. Come with family!

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