Jawal Aasan - White (Pack of 2)

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"Jawal or Virgin" refers to wool that is derived from a sheep that has never been shorn before. The hair fibers that sheep produce coarsen as they age, so the wool derived from baby sheep is the softest type of wool that sheep produce. It is also known as New Wool. 
Size: 22 * 26 Inches

Meditate in comfort with the natural handwoven woolen meditation mat which keeps you energetic and provides grip while you perform your asanas. 

Additional Information

  • Hand made Aasan, Made of natural woolen fibers to provide a soft & smooth finish
  • Handmade, Eco-Friendly, Organic, Ethnic, Non-Toxic, Foldable & Travel Friendly
  • Use this mat for Puja/ Meditation / Beach / Picnic / Yoga / Fitness Exercise etc
  • Size: 22"W x 26"L & Material: Natural Sheep Wool
  • Care Instructions: Brush off or Clean with a Wet cloth
Color White
Item Weight 130 G
Shipping Weight 200 G
Primary material Sheep Wool
Size 22*26 Inch


Fabric breathability Very breathable
Moisture-wicking abilities High
Heat retention abilities High

This ritual has been a part of Indian culture for many years. This is a traditional method in Hindu culture and there are many hidden contexts behind it and its importance. The Jawala ritual is a very important part of a sheep baby's growing age and therefore there is a lot of thought and effort behind doing it and that ritual should be done very carefully.

How Is Virgin Wool Fabric Made?

The process of making virgin wool begins with a procedure called shearing. Most types of sheep need to be shorn at least once per year, and sheep breeders can tell when their animals are ready to be shorn based on the richness and fluffiness of their coats.

In some cases, sheep wool may still be shorn by hand with large scissors. However, it is much more common these days to use electric shearers, which are much more efficient. Unlike some other wool-bearing animals, sheep don't usually resist the shearing process. As long as a sheep is positioned properly and it isn't frightened by any sudden movements, it can be shorn without any potential of harming or traumatizing the animal.

Characteristics of Jawal Wool: 

  • Highly recommended for Pooja/Parayana (mentioned in Bhagwat Geeta/ Shree Gurucharitra/ Shree Satt Saicharitra)
  • Highly Durable
  • High Heat Retention
  • Resistance to Heat Transfer
  • Very useful in Extreme Climates
  • Highly Resistant to Flame - does not produce any toxic chemicals when it is burned.

Different Types of Virgin Wool:

  • Virgin wool from baby sheep. This interpretation of the phrase "virgin wool" is the most traditional. It refers to the type of wool that is derived from a baby sheep's first shearing.
  • Non-recycled wool: Sometimes, the term "virgin wool" is used to refer to textiles made with wool yarn that hasn't been recycled.        

How Does Virgin Wool Fabric Impact the Environment?

The production of Jawa;/virgin wool is generally considered to have a minimal environmental impact. Since wool is derived from animal fibers, it is an inherently sustainable fabric, and wool is also highly biodegradable; it only remains in the environment for a few years before it is broken down.

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