Traditional Pure Woolen Ghongadi - Black

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Ghongadi is a cultural and spiritual inheritance of Maharashtra. It holds immense significance in the various religious activities like ‘Jagran Gondhal’ of the Maharashtrian community. The act of reading ‘Shree Dnyaneshwari’ and poems from Saint Tukaram’s collection are done by sitting on this woolen blanket. Ghongadi is considered auspicious while fixing marriages in rural areas as well as a seating arrangement for the guests visiting the villages.

During paddy cultivation in the Konkan region, Ghongadi is used to cover the head like a protective shield against the harsh rains. Our artisans have been for generations making Konkani Ghongadi out of traditional Konkan bands and delivering them to these people.

Ghongadi is the ultimate remedy for back pain and joint-related problems. Sleeping on it helps you sleep sound, gives relief, and keeps you healthy. Even today, the working class, farmers, laborers, and peasants in the villages sleep on these woolen blankets.



Our artisans weave traditional black ghongadi on traditional pit looms. Extremely fine quality wool is used in the process. The yarn is measured according to its exact length and attached to the loom. While the black yarn is attached to the center of the loom, yarns of yellow and red color are attached at the ends of the borders. It is pre-treated with tamarind paste to give it strength and durability. It takes approximately 4-5 days to weave ghongadi entirely. After the weaving process, post-treatment is done to increase its shelf life. Ghongadi made by these artisans are further verified by the quality officers and then delivered to the customers.

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 This Ghongadi is entirely handmade on traditional looms.

  • Extremely fine quality wool is used in the blanket-making process.
  • High product quality without any adulteration.
  • com is the only brand in Maharashtra delivering original Ghongadi made on traditional pit looms.
  • A direct connection between the artisans and their customers, a major chunk of the profit is shared by the artisans.
  • Every final product is verified by our quality control officers and is delivered to the customers at their doorstep on time.


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We appreciate your creative efforts and valuable time towards empowering the traditional blanket weavers!

Ghongadi is a traditional woolen blanket made in Maharashtra, India.  Blankets are made on Pit-Loom and dyed with organic and natural dyes.

This blanket has cultural significance in Maharashtra, as it is considered a holy blanket and used in all the holy rituals and community functions.

On the other side, Ghongadi believed to help acupressure and blood flow. Nomads and shepherds in southern Maharashtra sleep on them in acute back pain and found as a great remedy for themselves.

This Ghongadi is light in weight, soft in feel, Handmade.

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